When quantity
meets quality

About us

ICG GmbH is a new German optical cable brand located in Berlin. We have strong relationship with world leading cable manufacturing companies and we are glad to supply the best fiber optic cable to you. Our main idea is to bring intelligent solutions to life: intelligent cable for intelligent tasks. And we are happy to meet your most complicated requests and design optical cable for you.

Hans Götze, CEO


Hans Götze

We are happy to create intelligent customized solutions for you in cable design

Blowing cable

Wide range of optical cables
install by blowing: up to 432
fibers and small cable diameters.

High fiber count

Extremely high — up to 864 fibers —
and small diameters at the same time.
For cabling in ducts and utility tunnels.


Optical cables for cabling
in ducts and utility tunnels.
Our ADSS/Duct mini also can be
applied for aerial installation.


Optical cables applied for short
distance aerial installation. Also
can be applied as last mile.

Packing and transportation

It is crucial for us to provide our customers with a faultless cable. That is why we attach much importance to careful packaging, the loading process and the choice of our transport company.